70 times removed from the original


DVD projection installation
Running time in installation: 16 seconds, looped

The gallery wall, which would eventually serve as the projection wall, was documented using colour slide film. The original slide was duplicated and then that copy was duplicated and so on, until there were 69 slides. These were then scanned into a computer and placed in sequence in a video, where each slide is visible for a fraction of a second, making the finished video about 16 seconds in duration. This particular method of duplicating resulted in the edges of each slide being slightly cropped by the mount holding the slide each time a duplicate was made. This resulted in the actual image appearing to zoom in to the centre of the slide, losing information at the edges. The discernible image degenerated so much as to be no longer there after only about 15 duplications. The remaining slides continued to be duplicates of duplicates, but in the absence of an image, what became more visible were the small imperfections of the duplicating process, such as fragments of dust or fibres that were caught on film and then became part of the fabric of the next slide, and so on.