Gallery cameras: a pinhole between two rooms

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Colour photographs
11' x 17" and 13' x 18"

Made by using two adjoining gallery spaces as cameras obscura to photograph one another. A pinhole was mounted in the doorway between the two galleries, and whichever gallery was acting as the camera was completely darkened. The other gallery was lit as it would be for exhibiting the finished work, and an exposure was taken over the entire wall facing the pinhole in the darkened camera obscura. The resulting image was whichever portion of the other gallery happened to be projected onto the wall through the pinhole. In this case it was parts of the gallery walls, part of the lighting tracks and part of the floor. When light passes through a pinhole, it causes the corresponding image projected in the other room to be reversed. Because the image was recorded onto photographic paper, as opposed to film, the image was also negative.